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Scope of application
The multi-function window sticker is used in the special or flat film sticking process of wine box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box and other packaging paper products. For 200-500g /cardboard or corrugated cardboard (<6mm) die-cut packaging paper, glue and film are applied to the window of the paper, and the diaphragm can be cut when flat film is applied.

Model performance characteristics:
1. It has the function of special-shaped film pasting window. The speed can reach 4600 pieces per hour. The thickness of special-shaped film ranges from 0.15 mm to 0.44 mm. The width of special-shaped film pasting window ranges from 70 mm to 300 mm. The accuracy is up to + 0.5mm.
2. It has the function of placing film on the window, the speed can reach 12 000 sheets/hour, the thickness range of film is 0.03-0.25 mm, and the width range of film is 30-450 mm. The accuracy is up to + 1mm.
3. It has the function of special-shaped film and pasting synchronous window, that is, two different types of film are pasted on one carton at the same time.
4. flat film cutting slot function, can be used for paper towel box film.
5. To improve the accuracy and stability of window-mounting, we use full-servo system at all costs, equipped with high-precision servo motion controller, high-precision servo planetary reducer, international brand electrical system, human touch-operated large screen.

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