S15 program controlled paper cutter

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1. the Japanese SHARP industrial color LCD full touch display.
2. combined with Germany's operating system, to meet domestic operation habits and ensure the convenience of operation.
3. the main board adopts Italy imported industrial chips.
4. touch screen real-time response, high-speed and sensitive.
5. it has signal amplification function, resistance to dry and strong resistance. Avoid driving aging causing dimensional errors.
6. size of the 6. knives is shown to be convenient for proofreading the cutting size.
7. support 200 sets of program data, 200 knives in each group.
8. addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and free operation.
9. The position resolution of paper pusher is 0.01mm, closed-loop control is adopted, the electric positioning error is not more than 0.01mm, and there is no need to adjust the positioning error. The maximum speed of paper pusher: S15 can reach 20m/min, S19 can reach 30m/min, S22 can reach 38m/min.
10. relative positioning function with relative current position.
11. micro compensation, quickly correct the program error caused by paper deformation.
12. quickly find the number of knives.
13. air cushion program, each knife air cushion program can be programmed.
14. time setting and cancellation of automatic cutting signal. Automatically cut the key password to start.
15. high-speed manual handover.
16. push paper program, automatically push out paper, ensure safety and improve operation efficiency.
17. automatic cutting and programming. Teach programming.
18. display accuracy is 0.01mm.
19. order management can be input into Chinese and English. Multilingual function.
20. manual and automatic fast crossover operation to improve operation efficiency as much as possible.
21. language information prompt, accurately determine the status of the device.

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