• Pile Turner FZ1800
  • Pile Turner FZ1800
  • Pile Turner FZ1800
  • Pile Turner FZ1800

Pile Turner FZ1800

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Paper stacker, also known as paper stacker or reverser, has the following functions: paper blowing, cleaning and removing impurities, dry explosion, alignment and paper between.
Use before printing
It can remove the impurities such as paper wool and paper scraps, improve the surface quality of the paper to be printed, and reduce the possibility of double feeding paper.
Because of the change of paper surface quality, the printing machine speed can be increased by 3-5%, and the labor productivity has been increased.
Greatly reduced the paper wool, paper and other impurities into the printing machine, prolong the printing machine life.
As a result of paper wool, paper scraps and other impurities caused by the degree of products and substandard products decreased substantially, can increase the yield of 2-3%.
Use after printing, transfer station, cutting and die-cutting.
Removal of powder spraying, accelerated drying of oil leagues, and rapid reduction of printing odor due to oil League solvents (which is important for food packaging)
Prevent the occurrence of quality problems such as sticking and sticking behind.
Save a lot of manpower.

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